Welcome to My Gallery

Each one of my metal pieces is individually hand-crafted by me to be one-of-a-kind and appeal to anyone searching for a decorative, yet functional work of art. My goal is to create something that will accent a wide range of décors while being utterly unique. I create each piece completely myself including working with and welding the steel (my favorite part!), cutting and routing any of the woodwork, and adding all finishing touches including polishing, painting/patinas, and embellishments such as bead work, stamped steel accents,etc. My styles range from industrial, to shabby chic to elegant.

Please browse through my Gallery  below to get an idea of some of my creative capabilities. Many of these items are available for sale on my Amazon and Etsy stores, but if you are looking for something created just for you, or as a gift for someone special, by all means contact me about a custom order. I love taking on all types of new projects, so if you have an idea for something, whether it be purely decorative or functional, just let me know! And follow me on Social Media to keep up with new pieces that I'm working on and alerts about special pricing and sales items. 



Wall Crosses

My Wall Crosses are perfect for anyone looking for a very special gift or even adding to their own collection. I strive to make no two alike. Each cross is comprised of welded steel and embellished with additional accents such as stamped metal pieces, beading, crystals, brass caps, reclaimed wood, etc. Finished range from polished silver to rich patinas such as copper. I add a metal loop or key hole hanger to the back for easy hanging.

If you have a size or style in mind that you would like to see made into a wall cross please contact me about creating something completely unique just for you.


Eating and drinking at a higher level promotes better digestive health for your dog or cat. Heavy steel construction prevents my Feeders from sliding across the floor when your pet is eating and makes it difficult for them to pick up.  Non-skid feet protect floors. 

All of my Pet Feeders are constructed of hand scrolled 3/4" steel flat bar (medium and large feeders), or 1/2" steel flat bar (small feeders). The tops are hand routed hard wood and either painted or stained and sealed with a coat of Thompson's water seal for protection. Various decorative accents are added as well. I can even add an engraved plate with your pet's name to personalize the piece.

I make all of my elevated pet feeders myself, including forming the scroll work, welding, woodworking and painting/staining. I can customize the finishes to match almost any decor or color scheme and can make to any size you need as well.


I have designed my Lamps and Hurricane Lanterns to be both elegant and bold to enhance any décor from contemporary to country, traditional, shabby chic or even man cave. Some compositions even incorporate vintage hardware, reclaimed objects or antique jewelry. I include a flameless (battery operated) candles with the Hurricane Lanterns as they provide all of the ambiance of a flame but without the mess or safety concerns of a candle. 

These pieces will look incredibly striking when placed on a mantel, entryway table, or as an elegant touch to a bathroom vanity. Or perhaps you are looking for a distinctive wedding or housewarming gift, or are in need of a memorable birthday present? Guaranteed the recipient won’t be getting anything else like it! If you are needing a specific size or look to fit in with your decor  ask me about creating a custom piece for you.




Your home isn't just what's on the inside, your yard and garden spaces are living areas as well! So why not extend your decor to the outside? I have created planters and art that will help make your patio or garden just as elegant and inviting as your living room. Need to camouflage unsightly pool equipment? Then be sure to take a look at my scrolled upright copper colored planter. Or maybe you've been competing against your neighbors every Christmas for "Best Decorated Yard". Well how about giving yourself a winning edge with an 8' steel Christmas Tree, complete with lights and garland. Just set it up and plug it in. Guaranteed no one else will have anything like it!

Since the possibilities are endless when it comes to Yard and Garden Decor contact me if you have something in mind that you need and I'll create a piece to help solve your landscaping needs.  

Shelving and Storage

We all have "stuff", so why not store your stuff in style? I have created storage solutions from TV consoles, to shelving to organizer stands for jewelry. Over the past few months I have come to LOVE working with old and reclaimed wood. I'll have to admit, it does present some challenges, but you just can't beat that feeling of being connected to something from the past. For the console I even fabricated the hinges.  

In my pieces, wherever I can, I try to add an unusual or antique element. On one of the Jewelry Stand Organizers I incorporated an automotive gear, and and on the hanging wall shelf those are genuine old horseshoes (I had to clean them, so trust me, they were the real deal).

Contact me and let me know what I can create for you to help keep you "stuff" uniquely organized.

Table Top Decor

All of my metal tabletop sculptures can be placed on a mantel with greenery during the holidays, serve as a centerpiece on a formal dining table, or be displayed as a sculptural piece of art year round. I have designed these to be both elegant and bold, so whether you are decorating for the holidays or accessorizing a living space, these pieces will enhance any decor.

The structures of my Tabletop Christmas Trees are composed entirely of steel and entwined with metal flat bar which is hand turned and coiled around and through the framework to form the free-flowing ribbons that cascade from the top finial down to the steel jewel ring. 

The Floral Centerpieces incorporate high quality artificial greenery atop of a steel base. Some of the pieces also contain a stained glass element at the base as well. 

The decorative elements vary greatly from one piece to the next with embellishments such as beads, jewels, baubles, crystals or wire, and finishes ranging from polished to painted.